mussel shells


SHELLS decorative PAINT

Byssus · alginate composite

shells · ALGINATE composite


Por mis venas va, ligero de equipaje,
sobre un cascarón de nuez, mi corazón de viaje.” 

”Through my veins goes, light on luggage, upon a nutshell, my traveller’s heart”

J. Sabina – Peces de Ciudad


Pesci di Città is a newborn project where I share my experimentation on biobased, circular materials that can be reproduced on a home kitchen.

More than in the wish of facing an industrial production, my interest on these recipes lies especially in asking questions and looking for solutions to better understand the relationship between human activities and the spaces we live in. I like to use materials I find myself surrounded by everyday, in the domestic space in particular, materials, like food waste, with which I feel somehow connected.

As interior designer, I see the designing of surfaces – intended as the portions of the objects that interacts with other materials and with the observer through the senses – also as a way to suggest a different aesthetic. I believe beauty lies in interaction, as in the interplay of light and shadow. And eco-handmade materials are very interacting. First because is all about making experiments where, through crafting, you get to know chemical and physical behaviors you wouldn’t suspect in the beginning; then because they aren’t standardized, they are changeable and normally fading faster in time.

If you’ll get inspired to start new experiments, I hope you to enjoy it as much as I do.

Licia D


Licia Desideri